Second Hand 16" Raleigh Atom Boys Bike Blue for 4 1/2 to 6 years old

Second Hand 16" Raleigh Atom Boys Bike Blue for 4 1/2 to 6 years old

Brand: Raleigh
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. Aluminium frame, for your child's first experience of cycling, an aluminium frame is ideal as it is lightweight and easy to handle.

. Aluminium calliper brakes, a high specification on Raleigh pavement bikes fitted for improved braking performance, easily operated by little fingers fitted with an adjustment screw to fit smaller hands.

. Handlebars are in an upright riding position, allowing your child to become more aware of things around them whilst riding.

. Lightweight Aluminium rims with an improved surface for the brake blocks to brake against

. Junior non-slip pedals; a safety feature Raleigh has been fitting to Children's bikes for years, they are fitted with rubber pads which prevent feet slipping off. Each pair of non-slip pedals is carefully colour matched to fit the bike design

. Full chain guard; colour coordinated with graphics to match the bike design, it is a functional necessity. Not only does it stop the dirt getting on your child and their clothes but it also keeps the sharp edges of the chain wheel covered and away from little fingers

. Stabilisers give your child and you confidence during their first cycling adventures, allowing them to learn balance and coordination safely

. Rear mudguard; an essential piece of any Children's pavement bike designed to keep your child clean from any dirt picked up by the rear tyre, plus it is designed to enhance the look of this MTB bike

. Graphics under a clear coat; yet another high specification on the Raleigh Atom, by applying the bike graphics underneath a clear lacquer the superhero designed Atom will remain undamaged for years to follow

. Colour co-ordinated saddles, grips, cables, tyres and handlebar pad

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